Thursday, 8 November 2012

Unlock's the Record presents The Women's Issue 'Sex and the System'

The Record is a fantastic free magazine produced by the award-winning charity UNLOCK, the National Association of Reformed Offenders. It is written by reformed offenders, for reformed offenders. This month sees the first ever 'women's only' edition of the Record guest edited by Farah Damji, former prisoner, ex journalist, reformed socialite now running a social lettings agency and campaigning for change in the way women in the criminal justice system are treated.  This issue is also endorsed by best selling author Martina Cole and features an exclusive interview with Martina. This month’s magazine cover is by Sarah Lucas.

Out at the end of the week, this month’s issue will see fabulous femme ex-offenders share their untold stories. These positive success stories from reformed offenders hope to inspire law-abiding people facing discrimination and inequality as a result of having a criminal record. This issue will also contain the latest opportunities for reformed offenders, including job vacancies, volunteer position, consultation opportunities, upcoming event and other information, advice and recent news that relates to reformed offenders.

The first ever ‘women’s only’ edition of the monthly magazine by UNLOCK, The National Association of Reformed Offenders, is so important as this issue will highlight the way systemic abuse and entrenched violence in our public institutions and our personal lives impacts against women. Documenting violence in all its forms: domestic abuse, financial exclusion, the media’s portrayal of female defendants, punitive sentencing, exclusion by enforced separation of the children of female offenders and their families by women being incarcerated hundreds of miles from their communities and roots. 

Containing first hand accounts of women prisoners’ stories, through their voice, art and case studies, this issue will examine what needs to change!

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