Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mindfulness in your creative life

We are very pleased to welcome Buddhist teacher and mindfulness practitioner, Vajradaka to the Women's Resilience Centre for a five week course on mindfulness in your creative life.

Week 1, Thursday the 4th of April 
Your inner life determines your outer life
Simple and easy to use mindfulness methods for finding what is important for you
Exploration of what effectively helps you achieve your direction and values
Coming into  a sense of  confidence in your strengths and being effective

Week 2, Thursday the 11th  of April
Have everything going in the same direction
Dealing with distraction and keeping a sense of direction
Entering into a sense of wholeheartedness and motivation
The relationship between discipline and spontaneity

Week 3, Thursday the 18th  of April 
Being engaged and fully present
Dealing creatively with obstacles to decisiveness
Keeping a sense of momentum 
Skills for breaking out of habit

Week 4, Thursday the 25th  of April
The fun/serious dichotomy
Having a big picture of what is in your best interests
Working from your strengths
Enjoying the process of personal development, even when it's hard

Week 5, Thursday the 2nd  of May 
Overcoming expectations and getting real
Understanding what being in a process means
The creative process of being receptive and keeping the initiative
Dealing the double-edged consequences of being successful

Although this course is for women it is led by a man. 

Vajradaka  is an ordained Buddhist who is acclaimed as  one of the most experienced practitioners and teachers of mindfulness and creativity globally. 

Because of his long experience of leading communities and teaching mindfulness  and our own personal perception and experiences  of him as a teacher who is safe and supports the vision of the women's resilience centre, we have invited him to help us seed the vision of our centre to lead this course.

 The Kazuri team.

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