Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sorry doesn't have to be so hard...

Would you like the chance to apologise in person for mistakes you’ve made in the past?

Are you longing to say thank you to someone who helped turned your life around?

A new BBC One programme can help.

The Gift’ is an inspiring new programme that will track down the person you want to apologise to or thank, whether it be the victim of a crime you’ve committed, someone affected by behaviour you regret or the person whose kindness changed your life forever.

Our team of restorative justice practitioners, search experts and psychologists will support you as you prepare to meet them face to face and help you find a gift or gesture that encapsulates your feelings.

 If you have a long overdue debt of gratitude, or if you’ve felt burdened by the need to apologise and make amends and feel that saying sorry in person could end years of guilt and help you move on with your life, then we’d love to hear from you.

Please click here for more information, or contact us directly on 020 7424 7703 or thegift@walltowall.co.uk

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