Friday, 24 May 2013

Violets and violence

Forgiveness is  the essence of the violet that is shed by the heel of the one that crushes it.
Just pretty words.  Forgiveness is the calming rage after the storm and betrayal,  It's the same old story isn't it, illusion / delusion. You think you think, therefore you are.  You live with that disappointment like a broken promise, and a shattered mind. 
But the violence  perpetrated on our streets, the anger unfurled against  the innocent and the outpouring of hatred for the perpetrators, the murderous act and the grief are united in their emotional DNA. What makes a man take a machete and lacerate another human life? What has happened to fragment   that man's psyche into such separateness  that he can commit an act such as this in the name of god? This is not my God.
It is around us  more and more everyday. Acts of selling out, encroaching controls that take away our taken for granted freedom, less choice.  Occasionally there are  big grand gestures, a threat, a house of cards of lies come crashing down, a gratuitous physical act such as snatching  the sleeping bags and the food parcels of the homeless in Redbridge that makes one  physically ill and want to hurt the people who cause the pain.  But grief is like fingerprints, that stain your once pure soul.
Seeking that empty, carved out purity.

RIP  Soldier. 

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