Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kazuri statement against G4S in social services

"Kazuri  will oppose and block every opportunity  sought by  G4s  to provide public services contracted out by the state, which affect vulnerable women and children. This includes access to legal services and the proposed privatization of probation services.  G4S are not fit to run public services until they receive a clean bill of health from the Serious Fraud Office, the National Accounting Office, the Public Accounts Committee  who are all currently investigating G4S. 

The social services market is ripe for exploitation and profiteering  but we will prevent this  through  determined and committed community action and legal challenges  upon every  last contract  G4S attempts to secure which affects vulnerable people.  Kazuri along with many others,  do not sanction child killers running children's homes, funded through the public purse. 

Perhaps the government might look to their own recently appointed Social Value Ambassador Chris White MP, for more equitable solutions on procurement which don't damage our community and traumatise the most vulnerable people in our society. We need a  global movement to shift into gear a system which does not reward murder and the state sanctioned corporate rape of the sector. We need to redefine our economy so that it adds social value, cooperation and resilient business models in which we can live cooperatively. 

This existing destruction vulture capitalism only  benefits G4S shareholders,  greedy Whitehall mandarins  who want directors' seats on the boards of global behemoths to satisfy raging egos and hungry and disappointing politicians like Lord Reed and Lord Condon who have desecrated  the public trust placed in them by accepting directorships on G4S board."

Sanctioned 23rd July 2013 at a general meeting of the board, London.

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