Thursday, 30 January 2014

Stop abusing detainee refugee women

Letter to:

Theresa May, British Home Secretary

Every year, hundreds of women who come to this country to seek safety from persecution are being detained in Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire. Research by Women for Refugee Women shows that the majority of these women say they have experienced rape, sexual violence and torture in their home countries.

The impact of detention on women is devastating. Many become depressed and suicidal. These women have not committed any crime, and yet they are being locked up indefinitely.

We are asking you to ensure the government stops detaining women who have come to this country to seek asylum. Women’s asylum cases can be considered while they live in the community. We are also asking you to ensure that no male staff are employed at Yarl’s Wood detention centre in roles where they come into contact with women, and that allegations of abuse made against staff are properly investigated.

It’s possible to create an asylum process which treats women who have survived rape and torture with dignity and humanity.

They deserve a fair hearing and a chance to rebuild their lives. Thank you.

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